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Our Mission

The purpose of this association is to provide certification counseling and teaching. It regularly organizes educational public welfare activities, so that students, unemployed and second-time employed persons can obtain professional functional training and examination counseling. To help the society increase the employment rate and workplace adaptability.

Our Story

​The Institute was established on October 14, 2018. It was legally filed at the Preparatory Office of the Department of Cooperation and People's Organizations of the Ministry of the Interior, and it was established after filing for approval.
​This association promotes the expansion of the certification of the certificate and the language to the national colleges and universities and the company's bank number as a credible third-party certification.
​Exam subjects are updated from time to time. Teachers and certification committee members visit academic units and workplaces to understand the latest trends, and know how to plan the most effective learning and grading discrimination.
​And regular meetings and discussions on future certification directions and scoring standards are expected to prepare candidates for the latest information.

Teaching and Experience

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